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Need to digitise or automate your processes at work?

We’ve all seen the articles saying that automating processes can help you free up valuable time spent on manual labour. Our Digital Pathfinders team can help you assess how automation of products or services can benefit your overall workflow, and how different digital and non-digital programmes can integrate seamlessly.

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We can help you prepare for automation or digitisation of your work systems

Our Workflow and Processes service will assess the most efficient opportunities for automation and co-integration of systems within your workplace. Through our free service, our digital innovation experts will also help you improve the efficiency of your data processing; mapping out the systems you’re using and advising on GDPR compliance.

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“The work you guys have done is fantastic and I cannot thank you enough. I think the new website will fit the bill perfectly.”

Johnny Morton, Managing Director, Blue Talking Therapies
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“It has been an incredibly helpful process and the work you have done on the pitch deck is fantastic. I love it!”

Hamish Rutherford, Founder, Floe
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“I wanted to say a huge thank you. Working with the team is a real pleasure and the review that has been carried out is excellent.”

Jules Rutherford, Founder, Sobersistas

What if I already have digitised systems in place?

If you already have digital systems in place, our team can help you optimise the integration between those systems and explore more advanced automation opportunities. Our team can also assess the efficiency of data processing between your systems.

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Digital Pathfinders derisks the investment into new technologies.

  • Map out the company’s current systems and produce a blueprint on how systems are working together
  • Recommend the most efficient opportunities for automation and integration of systems
  • Assess and outline how data is used between systems and identify the most efficient opportunities for data capturing
  • Conduct a free GDPR audit check
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