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Not sure where to start or struggling with digital and need a bit of help?

Our free-to-access basic digital adoption service supports you with implementing digital technologies. We will help you understand which specific technologies best suit your objectives, the potential costs involved with implementing a technology, and what digital features or functionality you might require to stay on budget and get the most value-for-money.

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We make digital technology easy to implement and manage

Once you know what type of digital technology you require, you may choose to pursue procurement. At no cost, we can help you connect with tech suppliers in the region. We can help you evaluate supplied quotations to make sure the digital solution is right for your needs.

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“It has been an incredibly helpful process and the work you have done on the pitch deck is fantastic. I love it!”

Hamish Rutherford, Founder, Floe
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“The work you guys have done is fantastic and I cannot thank you enough. I think the new website will fit the bill perfectly.”

Johnny Morton, Managing Director, Blue Talking Therapies
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“I wanted to say a huge thank you. Working with the team is a real pleasure and the review that has been carried out is excellent.”

Jules Rutherford, Founder, Sobersistas

What if I’ve already got a digital technology in my organisation, but I don’t know how to use it?

At no cost, the Digital Pathfinders team can provide guidance or team training on the use of a specific digital technology within your organisation. We can also provide support with streamlining this technology into your wider processes and workflow.

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Digital Pathfinders derisks the investment into new technologies

  • Produce subsequent digital product comparisons including an overview of costs
  • Outline your technical requirements to help you understand what you need from your technology
  • Help you set your budget
  • Support your procurement or finding funding processes through technical documentation.
  • Produce technical documentation that will support your procurement process, and that can help you find funding
  • Connect you with tech suppliers and provide support with evaluating quotations
  • Training plans to assist you with the implementation of technologies
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