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Digital Marketing Workshop 1 - Brand Theory with Sail Creative

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The first digital marketing session with Mandy Barker from Sail Creative as part of the Digital Pathfinders programme.    

In this workshop you'll get an introduction to the fundamentals of a brand and tone of voice and why they are key factors in communicating with your audiences.    

You'll learn about brand stories and will have an opportunity to start crafting your own brand story. This will prepare you for the next workshop where you'll look at how to use digital methods and platforms to share this brand story.    

The session will cover:    

  • The fundamentals of branding

  • Introduction to Tone of Voice

  • Creating a brand position statement

We will be using Miro in this session.  

Before the workshop you will be asked to find an example of a brand you like and you will be sent some questions to answer about this for a discussion in the session.    

Session two is taking place on 29th March from 10am-1pm and will show you how to implement digital marketing strategies with an introduction to some useful tools and technologies.

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