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Developing and implementing an SEO strategy into your business

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This workshop will cover what SEO is and how to manage content and implement a successful SEO strategy to help your business.The wonderful Jen MacDonald from Glass Digital joins  Digital Pathfinders to bring an understanding of how to develop and implement an SEO strategy for your business to make real differences in rankings, traffic and ultimately revenue.  During this workshop, you will understand the main 3 pillars of SEO, how to use techniques and how to apply these to your website for higher Google ranking and traffic. We will also look at how to develop a strategy for your business for continuous success.

Workshop agenda

  1.       Networking
  2.       Introductions
  3.       Three main pillars of SEO – Tech, content, link-building
  4.       Technical SEO – Website elements to implement
  5.       Content – Types of content, getting the most out of your content, SEO elements
  6.       Link-building – Techniques, outreach tactics, finding links
  7.       Developing an SEO strategy
  8.       Reporting - Using Google Analytics to track site performance
  9.       Question time

This event is part of the Digital Pathfinders programme and funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority which means only organisations and businesses from Newcastle, Northumberland or North Tyneside are able to attend.

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