Tribuco Knowledge Base

Help in understanding and identifying required functionality for a new platform

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Technical Specifications

The Tribuco Knowledge base is a system that enables businesses to put a successful strategy in place which helps them to identify and continually improve where they are underperforming in health safety and quality control through microtraining.

The Knowledge base platform and app have been designed to fit around individual schedules and merge the latest video and QR code technologies to support the development of health and safety skills.  

The Support

Ivan Carr, Managing Director of Tribuco Knowledge Base sought out Digital Pathfinders for two reasons. One was to receive support with the functional and technical specifications. The other was to help to improve the value proposition that Ivan had in mind. Both of the above were key for securing more funding.  

The Digital Pathfinders team identified some areas for improvement within the functionality of the platform and were able to help Ivan to overcome these alongside producing a marketing strategy which he would be able to take forward.  

“I would highly recommend Digital Pathfinders, the process was very helpful and having someone from the outside coming in to give a different approach and give a different opinion was extremely valuable.”

Ivan Carr, Managing Director