Relocation App

Support in defining the key features required for a new digital product

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Technical Specifications

Tech pre-startup Relocation App is a one stop app for anybody looking to relocate abroad.

Nola Lewis, founder of Relocation App, wanted to take the stress out of moving abroad by providing a support and information hub in the form of an app. Alongside informational resources, such as forms to fill out and things to complete before travelling, the hub provides information on the types of communities and support available in different countries and even within the local areas of these countries.  


The Support

Nola was referred to the fully funded Digital Pathfinders programme to help her bring her idea into reality. Once registered, Nola had a Digital Review call with Digital Pathfinders’ partner Steam Digital to produce a solid business plan, structure and digital roadmap.

The roadmap outlined the features the app should contain to become a one stop shop for people looking to relocate. This experience has provided her with documentation that can be brought to developers, to enable them to clearly understand what the app should look and feel like. Nola has now been signposted to other organisations who can help develop the app and she has a clear understanding of what she needs to do to make her business a reality.

“Digital Pathfinders has been a bridge to getting the app from an idea into reality and development. A bridge from something which is dormant to becoming alive.”

Nola Lewis, founder