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AI and You: Understanding how AI can Shape the Future of Your Business

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Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence for your business with an in-depth exploration into AI’s transformative potential. Hosted by Digital Pathfinders in collaboration with Sunderland Software City, this session is an invaluable opportunity for organisations in Newcastle, Northumberland, or North Tyneside to unravel the possibilities of how they can implement AI within their organisation.

We’ll discover the essence of AI, its tools, and the why behind its adoption by leading firms. Learn how your business can harness data to fuel growth and why embracing digital innovation is pivotal in today’s landscape. With practical insights from Digital Adoption Specialists Nathan Rowland and Ben Mushen, you’ll leave equipped to leverage AI for your business advantage.

Join us for a blend of knowledge sharing, networking, and interactive learning. From understanding AI in layman's terms to exploring its everyday applications and diving into its role in data transformation, marketing, and product development, this workshop promises a comprehensive overview tailored to foster business growth.

Don’t miss out on redefining your business’s future. Register now and embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of AI for your organisation.

Why Attend?

• Demystifying AI: Understand what AI really is and its potential for your business.
• Practical Tools & Applications: Discover the tools transforming industries and how they can be applied to your operations.
• Data Intelligence: Learn how to convert data into actionable intelligence to spur growth.
• Embrace Innovation: Find out why adopting digital innovation is critical for staying ahead.

Event Schedule

• 9:30 AM: Registration, coffee and networking
• 9:45 AM: Welcome, introductions, and setting expectations
• 9:50 AM: Workshop Start
• 12:45 PM: Wrap up and closing thoughts

Why This Workshop?

Designed for both AI novices and those somewhat familiar with the technology, this session promises to elevate your understanding and application of AI within your business context. Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, or innovate your product offerings, this workshop offers actionable insights and practical strategies.

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For more details and registration, please visit our Eventbrite page. Direct any inquiries or accessibility requirements to hello@digitalpathfinders.uk.

Note: Attendance is exclusive to organisations and businesses from Newcastle, Northumberland, or North Tyneside. A representative from Sunderland Software City will reach out post-registration for the Digital Pathfinders programme completion, ensuring a smooth and efficient start to your AI exploration journey.

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