Wallsend Kinship Carers

A series of workshops to understand the needs and requirements of a new website

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Website Improvements

Wallsend Kinship Carers supports kinship carers in their homes and communities, giving advice and helping them work through problems relating to the care of a child.

Wallsend Kinship Carers acts to provide support, advice and companionship for those who find themselves in this situation, whilst also spreading awareness of the issue, fundraising to pay for respite, and signposting their community towards help.

The Support

Simone Nelson, the organisation’s Treasurer, requested the support of Digital Pathfinders as she felt the website was not spreading the awareness of the services provided as effectively as it could. The Digital Pathfinders team ran a series of workshops with Simone to understand and then define the requirements of the website. After this, Digital Pathfinders produced wireframes and a well-thought-out site map that Wallsend Kinship Carers' contracted web designer could implement to make information more easily accessible for those who desperately need it.  

“Impressive work, I was so surprised by the amount of detail taken on board. Would certainly recommend other bodies - charities or businesses - to choose this offer.”

Simone Nelson, Treasurer