Support defining web platform user journeys to improve customer experience

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New products and services

Future consumer forecasting agency, Trendbible, helps organisations around the world to understand what is going to be next for their customer.

Trendbible taps into the importance for businesses to predict what customers are going to be thinking, feeling and doing in 12 months’ time.  

Before the pandemic, Trendbible ran 3 major product streams, but COVID-19 had a big impact on the organisation. The team then identified the opportunity to integrate the three product streams into one subscription platform, which would have trend reporting, one-to-one consulting, and other digital services all in one place.    

The support  

With limited financial resources , Trendbible knew that the transition into a new digital platform could present a huge risk to the business. The company needed help to mitigate the risk of investment into technology. Trendbible approached the Digital Pathfinders team to find funding for an initial digital platform pilot that could then be tested with customers.  

After the success of the pilot platform, the Digital Pathfinders team helped Trendbible to transition the platform into a final product by producing a final report. This report outlined design recommendations, feature changes to improve user experience (UX Design) and more.  

“The process was so easy it almost felt a bit of a cheat. I can’t believe this service was free. The team invested so much time and thought and consideration into the business, they have been a huge benefit. It was so informal and not corporate in anyway. They didn’t overwhelm us with tech and jargon”

Lisa Cooney, Products and Service Manager