See Her Thrive

Digital Pathfinders helped define the user experience for a new support platform

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Website Improvements

See Her Thrive helps organisation to attract and retain female talent by providing training and consultancy on women's health issues such as menopause and menstruation.

The organisation See Her Thrive is a team of women’s health experts that provide organisations with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to support women’s health.

The organisation had really outgrown their current website, which was no longer capturing the right messaging. The platform hadn’t been updated for over three years and was no longer fit for purpose.

The Support

Clare Knox, Founder and CEO of See Her Thrive, contacted the Digital Pathfinders team to support with a review and revamp of the current website with the addition of a new course booking system so that the services could be offered and booked online.  

Ben Mushen, Digital Adoption Specialist at Digital Pathfinders, guided Clare through the process from empathy mapping, customer journey, creating a wireframe and site map, right the way through to understanding principles of UX design.  

“The process was very clear and structured and Ben was very approachable and we felt at ease asking questions to things we didn't understand, it was an extremely fun creative journey and would highly recommend digital pathfinders to any business needing support.”

Clare Knox, Founder and CEO