Safer Communities

Helped organise brand structure to provide a better, streamlined experience

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Website Improvements

This charity makes North East communities safer, supporting victims of crime and creating opportunities to change people’s lives.

The information and access points related to each of the services offered by Safer Communities was distributed and hosted across multiple websites which was overcomplicating things. It was clear that something was needed to simplify the structure, but with different funders and stakeholders involved, it was difficult to see how the services could be combined.  

The Support

Safer Communities approached Digital Pathfinders to help with the strategical thinking around the structure of their website.  

The Digital Pathfinders team mapped out how the different services could be brought together and integrated into the parent brand. This brand review focused on telling a story that resonated with both service users and service providers. Drawing on expertise in UX design and web development, Digital Pathfinders also mapped out user journeys for their website and produced a clear brief with recommendations to restructure the webpage.

“The best thing about working with Digital Pathfinders was getting the clarity we needed and being able to see the pathway forward for ourselves. Those external eyes and digital expertise made all the difference, and really brought our project up to date with current demands of the market.”