Improving the customer experience and platform management processes

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Website Improvements

Glitterpig adds sparkle to everyday life through personalised and hand-crafted gifts.

Founded in 2017, Sharon Tait started to experiment with crafts to decorate her home. Once she begun to sell her products to friends and family, Glitterpig was born.  

The Support

Sharon was unsure how to go about managing her website, she contacted a business support organisation for help and was referred to the team at Digital Pathfinders. As the website was set up in the early stages of the business, Sharon didn’t have a clear vision of her customer value.

Through Digital Pathfinders Sharon was able to access WordPress training to better manage her website. The Digital Pathfinders team also made tweaks to improve the customer sales experience on the Glitterpig website and provided clarity on the business model and vision, mapping out key values, and supplying recommendations for further improve the Glitterpig platform.

“The process was easy. Digital Pathfinders listened, understood my problems and turned them into real solutions. Even after all the help, I know I can still reach out to the team with any questions, any time. When I approached Digital Pathfinders I didn’t expect to be looking to the future. For example, I wasn’t expecting to also improve my homepage so that people have a clearer idea of what I do and to think of how to build consumer trust. I was really just expecting to address the issues I was facing at the time. So it’s been really good.”