Improve customer experience, financial management, operational processes

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Streamlining Processes

Bee-Bay is an online retailer of organic honeybee feeds, treatment and equipment, and has been operating for over a decade. The company is also known for developing the innovative BBQX system, which helps bee-keepers look after their bees with minimal disruption to the hive.  

Having operated for over a decade, Bee-Bay's website had become too outdated, it was not responsive to mobile users and struggled with outdated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.  

The Support

Steve Baxter, Director of Bee-Bay, approached Digital Pathfinders for technical insight to get systems and processes in place that will improve customer experience, financial management, operational processes, social media presence and marketing.  

Bee-Bay then worked with Andrew Esson of Steam Digital and Steve Glasper of Digital Catapult North East Tees Valley to review their business strategy to ensure that their technology was aligned to customer needs, competitively positioned, and to investigate quick wins which could help transform their customers online shopping experience.  

Andrew and Steve had a series of meetings with Steve Baxter from Bee-Bay to understand the current situation and discuss and agree step change in user experience.  This led to a website optimisation report that helped Bee-Bay improve its user experience and make its website fit-for-purpose.

“Our support from Digital Pathfinders has been invaluable in helping us quickly and effectively improve the user experience of our online customers. Andrew and Steve’s business and technical expertise shone through, and we were highly impressed with their commitment to provide us with an effective business solution”.