A woman and a man sitting and having a discussion about technology

Lets Talk Data - Part 2

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This is a VONNE event for Digital Pathfinders.

Whether you want to build a mailing list, understand your service users better, or think about your impact, these workshops will help you understand the confusing world of data and what it means for charities.

We are all constantly collecting and using information but in these workshops Tom Watson of The Good Ship will offer some tips and tools to help you make better decisions about why and how to collect, store and use data.

Through both sessions we will use practical examples as demonstrations. There is also an opportunity to tackle problems you may have live during the sessions, so during sign up you will be asked what you may want support with.

Building on Part 1 we will explore how to use data effectively to tell stories including:

● how to visualise data with free and low cost tools

● how to link different data sources together

● how to share data effectively with others